Sunday, May 9, 2010

Layout #3 for SCRAPFIT Challenge #19

This layout was not only done with old left-over items, it is an old picture. It is a picture of my family from 1998 and one of the last photos ever taken of my Dad. The sister's tiny little baby in the picture is now 12 years old and my son, standing between my husband and me is now 23 years old and stands about 6'4" tall! This is the only copy of the picture I have since we didn't have digital cameras back in 1998, or at least I didn't have one. I don't even have the negative because it was taken with my sister's camera. To be honest, I had a very hard time scrapping this picture. It is the first picture I have been able to scrap of my Dad since he passed away. I've wanted to, I just wasn't able to. It was extremely emtional, I looked at the picture for a very long time before I adhered it to the page. I don't know that I did it justice, but you can actually lift the picture up for my journaling, which is way to personal to show. I think I need to write a note to my friend Cristal at and let her know that I finally "understand" DIRTY scrapbooking. Scrapbooking isn't always easy.

Sorry, to ramble on! Thanks for looking!


  1. Good for you, so glad that you finally jumped on board and are able to play along. Love the lay out, very pretty.

  2. IK really think it is beautiful!!!! Yea for jst doing it girl, many pictures i have sat and cried and cried over but it was almost a release to just get it on paper!